Affirming Beauty, Love & Value.

Who Is She 

Who Is She: I’m A Secret Weapon! was created by TeKenya K Johnson (Writer, Business Owner, Inspirational Chic, Innovator, Visionary and Destiny Healer (Helping To Heal A Nation)) as a outlet for encouragement to help others discover their secret weapons, self worth which is Affirming Beauty, Love and Value. Our group discussions are from everyday life to trending topics while supporting other women and girls. TeKenya K's Annual "Her Brave Conference", is about women and girls taking a stand of bravery against FEAR! Her Vision Board Activator Parties are about activating your dreams and goals which are for small to large group sections, churches, families, girls night out, schools, colleges and even businesses. Its more than just sticking pictures on a board you know. The styling ideas for all women was created to build the confidence in women while feeling and looking your best. The Bible says that a virtuous woman is far above rubies. TeKenya K is also the Owner & Founder of The Rosebud's Glow Girls Inc. for girls between the ages of 7-18 where we teach girls to be Brave Bold Believers. We teach girls to take rise and take a Stand in the world. What started as a Facebook Group Page "Who Is She: I'm A Secret Weapon!" with followers from all around the world & different walks of life, has now morphed into a Signature "HER BRAVE" Bold Bright Light movement to give consumers FABULOUS products at an affordable price point.

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