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Show Up And Shine

How do you show up? How do you show up for work, school, church, an event or in the world? Do you show up empty handed or do you show up with your hands out to receive? Do you show up to give, to give of yourself, time and energy? We live in a world where people either move or stand still, which are you?

Who is She? She is a Secret Weapon! I share "Voice Affirmations" weekly to start each week off positive, to encourage and to remind a girl or woman of who she is and to raise her standards of excellence. We have so much potential inside of us. You must tap inside of yours. #WhoIsShe #IamASecretWeapon #Powerful #Greatness #Force #YourDestinyIsInYourHands

We are the Beauty of Creation (That's A Secret Weapon)

“Women who understand life's simple pleasure are women who are sure of themselves.”

I love the fact that God made women different from men. It may seem strange but look yourself in the mirror, be expressive and give yourself a prep talk every day. It's a Power Move!

Empowered Women.

From the office desk to your favorite chair in the living room, from the classroom to standing over a hot stove, from a restaurant server to serving your family at home we all know a strong and powerful woman. Women are known for playing very important roles in her children, spouse, friends, co-workers, neighborhoods, churches and communities lives. Unforgettable impacts are made with everyone a woman touch in some way. Every woman wants to make sure the things that she is connected to is always safe, beautiful and secure.

The woman you've empowered US to be is gracious and free. The woman you've empowered US to be knows no boundaries or defeat. Our lives are lived with integrity having conquered defeat. She is beauty. She is strength. She has become everything that the obstacles said she'd never be. To be the woman empowered by three is to know that ALL things are possible to the powerful who RISE & BELIEVE!!!

She Rose!

“The Power of a Woman in Her Ring.”

I believe God gives us a mirror every morning when we wake up to show us who we are. Whether you look at it or not will determine what you will clothe yourself with and walk out of the house with. Clothe is just not material things but it also indicates what is going on inside of each of you. When you put on your favorite make up brands, fabulous clothing labels and step into your shoes it is to accent your already beauty, family values and morals. These things never make you, you make them SHINE because of your Unique BEAUTY and your CONFIDENCE within!!

My Confidence Is My Beauty Within!! When You See Me Passing, It Ought To Make You Proud.

"Nothing will work unless you do." -Maya Angelou

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